Relationship Centered Schools

Our Vision

All young people can tap into a network of support from nurturing adults and peers in various educational environments, schools, and after-school programs. By forming meaningful connections, they can:

  • Encourage the pursuit of their passions, skills, and interests.
  • Facilitate access to spaces for exploration and growth.
  • Assist in overcoming personal or institutional challenges.
  • Expand their social connections and networks.

In this community, the focus is not only on academic achievement but also on building a strong support system and social capital for youth from kindergarten through grade 12 and beyond. It is a place where youth, their families, school staff, teachers, and administrators all feel a sense of belonging and support. The community operates with a mentoring mindset, where adults support both youth and each other, and youth support one another both inside and outside of classrooms. Communication within the community is characterized by trust, mutual respect, and support. Additionally, it is important that the voices of youth are heard and valued, allowing them to actively participate in shaping their own educational experiences and support network

Our Purpose

  • Reimagining K-12 Education where, along with academic rigor, supportive relationships are prioritized.
  • School districts/schools integrate a relationship centered schools strategy and action plan into their overall teaching & learning strategy for supporting K-12 students.
  • This strategy and action plan come out of a consultative process led by MENTOR National & Affiliates.

Questions on how to get involved?

MENTOR Rhode Island Sr. Director of Training and Partnerships,
Christopher Margadonna, 401-732-7700 x112