Become a Mentor

Mentor Rhode Island needs YOU and all it takes is ONE hour a week. There are over 900 kids on a waiting list for a mentor throughout Rhode Island. Be the person that makes a positive impact in a child’s life. To help a child in your community, please complete the form below.

How You Become a Mentor

ONE HOUR each week, that’s all it takes!
1. Fill out an application, answer questions about your interests and skills, and whether you have a preference for an age range or gender.

2. Submit to a background check, and attend a two-hour orientation and training workshop where you’ll meet other new mentors and receive a manual with helpful tips and activities you can share with your mentee.

3. You will then receive information about your prospective mentee, and with your approval, an introductory meeting will be scheduled.

Questions? E-mail our Community Engagement Manager, L.A. Busteed, for more information at, give them a call at (401) 732-7700, or complete our information form and we’ll get back to you!


Please complete this form — we’ll get back to you soon!

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