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UPDATE: 12/1/2018

Unfortunately,the budget impasse continues in Warwick. The Warwick Mentor Program remains unfunded and there are no indications of a quick fix on the horizon.  Our fundraising campaign has raised just over $15,000 of the $102,000 that was cut.  Needless to say, it’s been a really difficult few months financially for us. We are so grateful to everyone who has contributed so far!

As you know, we chose to launch the program for our existing mentors and mentees on schedule… How could we tell 160 kids they aren’t a priority? We are, however, unable to provide the full compliment of services without funding. So far that has meant not adding any new mentors to Warwick (to date we’ve directed about a dozen volunteers interested in mentoring in Warwick to other programs in neighboring communities).

And now active mentoring pairs will start to feel the pinch of our budget constraints. Sadly, we are unable to organize Holiday Parties this year due to the enormous time it takes to coordinate them at every single Warwick elementary and middle school. Mentors and mentees are welcome to celebrate the holidays in their own special ways (a special treat, an exchange of small inexpensive gifts, etc.) during their individual mentoring sessions prior to the holiday break.

We appreciate your support and will continue to keep you up to date on the status of the budget issue in Warwick as well as opportunities to advocate for the restoration of funding to the Mayor, City Council and School Committee.

Please continue to reach out to our elected officials to express your thoughts:

School Committee members
Bethany Furtado, Chair –  401-737-2354,
Eugene Nadeau – 401-463-8742,
Karen Bachus – 401-732-3757, 
Terri Medeiros – 
David Testa – 401-626-1084, 

City Council members
Richard Corley – 401-481-5436, 
Jeremy Rix – 401-263-5559, 
Timothy Howe – 401-215-0632,
Edgar Ladouceur – 401-447-7181,
Donna M. Travis – 401-738-9774,
Stephen P. MacAllister – 401-287-1813, 
Joseph Gallucci – 401-487-6224,
Steve Merolla, Council President – 401-739-2900 x306,

Mayor Joe Solomon – 401-738-2004,


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8-21-2018  Council, schools poised for tense September meeting  Warwick Beacon

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8-14-2018  Schools, city due to meet again in September  Warwick Beacon

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8-07-2018  City offers $1.75M more to schools, but large gap remains  Warwick Beacon

7-26-2018  Loss of mentor program sends shock waves  Warwick Beacon

7-19-2018 With no alternatives, schools balance budget on backs of salaries, programs  Warwick Beacon

7-19-2018 Warwick school board cuts mentoring program to save $102,000  Providence Journal

7-19-2018 Warwick School Committee Votes to Eliminate Mentor Program Go Local Prov

7-17-2018  A boost for mentoring  Warwick Beacon

7-14-2018 Dancing with the Stars raises $116K for Mentor RI  Cranston Herald

6-14-2018 Dancing with the Stars raises $116K for Mentor RI  Warwick Beacon 

5-31-2018 Avedisian to launch charitable foundation  Warwick Beacon

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5-3-2018 Service Above Self  Warwick Beacon

4-29-2018 Dance competition nets 115k for Mentor RI  WJAR NBC-10

4-19-2018 Dancing stars ready to eclipse records  Warwick Beacon

3-22-2018 Johnson & Wales students help in Mentor RI re-branding  Warwick Beacon

2-3-2018 Rhode Islanders take winter plunge East Greenwich Pendulum

1-30-2018 20 raise $6,000 with plunge Warwick Beacon

1-12-2018 Frozen Clam Dip and Obstaplunge raises $6K for Mentor Providence Business News

1-11-2018 New digs enable MENTOR RI to meet mission Warwick Beacon

1-5-2018 Tradition continues in EG, despite bitter cold East Greenwich Pendulum 

1-5-2018 Bitter temps put the freeze on local plunges Narragansett Times 

1-3-2018 Running, not diving, into 2018 Cranston Herald

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MENTOR Rhode Island E-News

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08-06-18 Save the Warwick Mentor Program!

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08-31-17 Final Countdown..

08-24-17 Only 3 weeks until you can help celebrate John Howell! Get Your Tickets Now for the Howell Evening Tribute!!!

08-06-17 Less than 6 weeks until you can help celebrate John Howell! Get Your Tickets Now for the Howell Evening Tribute!!!

07-14-17 2 months from today, you can help celebrate John Howell! Get Your Tickets Now for the Howell Evening Tribute!!!

06-25-17 School’s Out For SUMMER!!!

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