The Beginner’s Guide to Being a Mentor

Too many schools in the country today approach learning simply as a means to an end. Statistics have shown that the Future Ready Index has unfortunately influenced schools to gauge the quality of education students receive via standardized testing benchmarks — which, too often, do not reflect the experiences of the kids themselves. This results […]

The Things We (You) Do…

“The Things We (You) Do!” By: Marc Mainville   New Year’s Day is fast approaching and that means so is our annual New Year’s Day Fundraiser…The Frozen Clam Dip & Obstaplunge. Nothing says dedication to a cause like jumping into the ocean on New Year’s Day in New England or tackling a “ninja warrior” style […]

The Essentials in Chicago

The Essentials in Chicago By Darnell Albury I recently had the opportunity to travel to Chicago with one of my MENTOR Rhode Island colleagues to be trained in the Essentials: A training for people who mentor young Black & Latino Men and Boys. The training was very informational, and refreshing, and I walked away with […]

The Magic of the Match

The Magic of the Match By: Celeste Comeau-Mullane As a MENTOR RI Program Coordinator for the Warwick and Cranston public schools I am charged with recruiting, training, and monitoring the mentors that will be placed in one of our school based one-to-one mentoring programs.  While conducting one of our new mentor trainings my fellow coordinators and […]

Do You Know John?

Do you know John? By: Jo-Ann Schofield When I started working at the Chamber Education Foundation now MENTOR Rhode Island it was 1997…. 20 years ago (how did THAT happen?). I had never met John Howell. Being in an entry level position, I was intimidated by one of our founders, the Chair of the Board. […]

When Was the Last Time You Attended a Great Training?

When Was the Last Time You Attended a Great Training? By: Sue Thomas When you start to hear the crickets chirping and it gets dark at 8pm (or sooner!), New Englanders turn on the fall mode.  They make the last few trips to the beach and all restaurants south of Warwick, and they think about […]

It Takes A Village

“It Takes A Village” By: Christopher Margadonna   As you sit on a beach or some other relaxing summer destination, do you ever think about what more you could be doing to support your community which has had a part in your success? I hope that you will think about it and consider mentoring as […]

Why Mentoring

Why Mentoring By: Nichole Lewis   Mentoring is a low touch, High yield solution to many issues our communities face. Education is paramount to the success of any child and a building block for strong communities. Mentors can enhance the learning potential of students in many ways, including significant positive effects on two early warning […]

It’s All About the Kids!

It’s All About the Kids! By: Jo-Ann Schofield Every day I worry about the kids that need our help. As CEO of MENTOR Rhode Island, I see stories about kids who are successful because of their mentors. And kids that we should have reached, but didn’t. All kids need a caring adult to let them […]

Mentor Highlight- Carla Rich- Lifespan Mentoring Program

Carla Rich has always wanted to be a mentor.  Since graduating college, Carla has worked in the community, with adolescents and their families.  Through her work as a therapist, she finds herself building connections with young people, as she helps them to make strides that improve their life and well-being.  Due to the nature of […]